ABOUT Burning Man

Another great example of a virtual tour covering an international event – the world famous Burning Man festival in California. Renowned for its art, cultural attractions, radical and activist installations/idea exchange and music scene. This cultural extravaganza is yours to view in full, experience it like you are really there.

Each of the main areas from this amazing festival are viewable in full HD virtual reality. Start from the ‘Burning Arrivals’ where revelers enter this ‘City in the Desert’ and move either clock or counter clockwise – the iconic layout is that of a semi-circle, but really, since you’re viewing it in virtual reality – you have the luxury of jumping from scene to scene in any order you like! You can start off at the ‘Esplanade Dance floors’ and make your way to the ‘Burning Prepare’ before moving on to the ‘Biology Sunset’ and later – the ‘Esplanade Sunrise’.

The ‘Burn Flower Desert’ beckons with its many attractions and fiery illuminations, after taking it in – in 360 HD, you could consider moving on to the ‘Playa Desert’ for some serenity. For the antithesis of serenity make your way north to the ‘Adapt Dance floor’ where you can join a plethora of party goers to enjoy the music and dance scene. The layout is easy and user friendly – laid out in the true to life geographical shape of the festival – hotspots at each scene enable you to jump from area to area without consulting the map grid – you can also use the tours stills in the bar below the tour to jump from scene to scene.

Experience it all for yourself with our unique HD virtual tour of this epic cultural phenomenon in the American desert.

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